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Contents: Muslim Life in West Bengal (Issue 37)



Writing Back to Bhadrolok Hegemony in West Bengal
Mosarrap H Khan & Mursed Alam


The Construction of Bengali Muslim Identity in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century
Mosarrap H Khan

The World through the Wars: The Bengali Muslim and the Great War
Sipra Mukherjee

Writing Back

The Bengali Muslim Writes Back: Hindu Cultural Hegemony and Muslim Self-fashioning
Mursed Alam


Can the Muslim Fight Back? Reflections from Fieldwork in West Bengal
Abdul Qaiyum

The Bengali Muslims and their Political marginalization in contemporary West Bengal
Abdul Matin

New found Muslim Assertiveness in Bengal and the Rise of Hindutva
M Reyaz


A Study of Ahle-Hadith Girls’ Madrassas in Rural West Bengal
Seema Ahmed


Representation of Muslims in Bengali Cinema and Television
Nadira Khatun

A Conversation with Docu-maker, Soumitra Dastidar
Cafe Dissensus

The ‘Other’

“Ora aar Amra”: A Perception of Muslim Culture in the Bengali Middle Class ‘Bhadralok’ Household
Arpita Saha



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