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Contents – Rohingya Refugees: Identity, Citizenship, and Human Rights (Issue 51)



Rohingya Refugees: Identity, Citizenship, and Human Rights
Chapparban Sajaudeen


A Linguistic Anthropology of Rohingya Identity
Abdullah Al Yusuf

Contravention of Rohingya Refugees’ Human Rights in Myanmar
Daruge Shayad Nasirsab

Rohingya Refugees in Hyderabad: Socio-Economic and Educational Conditions
Ishrat Jahan

‘Rohingyas, India is not for you’: An Examination of the Political Debates on Rohingya Refugees in India
Vineeth Mathoor and Sunil Kumar PM

The Vulnerability of the Rohingya Refugees
Heisnam Olivia Devi

Deportation of the Rohingya Refugees, Indian Law and the Politics of Hospitality
Hemaadri Singh Rana

Politics of Statelessness and Citizenship: Rohingya Lives in the Shadows

Rohingya Refugees in a Segregated Geography: A Case Study of Milwaukee
Mania Taher

The Rape and Sexual Exploitation of the Rohingyas: Transgression of Human Rights and its Aftermath
Pratiti Shirin

The Rohingya Crisis: Alarming Narratives of Women and Children
Prerona Dey and Aasita Bali

Reflections on Narratives of Flight of the Rohingyas in India
Rachel D’Silva

The Rohingyas of Myanmar: The Most Persecuted Minority in the World
Sabzar Ahmad Bhat

September on Teknaf Road: Understanding Forced Migrations and Perspective of ‘Save Zone’ for Rohingya Refugees
Sowmit Chandra Chanda

The Rohingya Crisis and the Indian Government’s Response
Waseem Hussain Rather

Language and its People: A Comparative insight into the Kurdish and Rohingya Genocide
Sayantan Mondal



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