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Posts tagged ‘Travel and Politics’

“The Sun Shines Bright on Loch Lomond”: Geography Meets Politics in the Scottish Highlands

By Sheila T. Cavanagh
When they began this pilgrimage across Boswell’s native territories, Johnson and Boswell were certainly familiar with the issues surrounding the efforts of Bonnie Prince Charlie to become the English monarch, whether or not it spoke to them politically in any serious fashion. They each comment, for example, about their visit with famed Jacobite heroine, Flora McDonald, who was noted for helping the disguised Prince escape the Outer Hebrides island of Benbecula, when he fled there after his defeat at Culloden.

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Nicholas Schmidle’s ‘To Live or To Perish Forever: Two Tumultuous Years in Pakistan’

By Mosarrap H Khan
Schmidle’s self-conscious description of his effort to become like a Pakistani resembles the effort of another traveler in another century: Edward Lane. In Orientalism, Said writes about Lane’s effort to submerge in the Egyptian population in order to give his work a more authentic feel. Said notes how “one portion of Lane’s identity floats easily in the unsuspecting Muslim sea, a submerged part retains its secret European power, to comment on, acquire, possess everything around it.”

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Justin Trudeau’s family trip to India and a new snug diplomacy

By Anagha Babu
Trudeau and his family during their visit to India looked like they were taken right out of a Bollywood movie. This is a mirror to the fact how Trudeau has conceptualised India – Indian attire, cuisine, dancing all assumed as depicted in Indian movies. Amidst all the criticism received for this, it should be considered nothing less than a failure if the efforts to get Indianised by the First Family of Canada goes unnoticed by the Indian diaspora in Canada.

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