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Posts tagged ‘Third Front’

On the Forthcoming Indian General Elections 2014

By Maidul Islam
But one thing is clear. If non-Congress and non-BJP parties like the AIADMK, BJD, TMC, and BSP support a BJP-led NDA government as they had previously done in their electoral career, then they will certainly betray the cause, hope, and secular-democratic aspiration of many people including their own voters.

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Corporate Cronyism with a Communal Face

By Prasenjit Bose
The Modi plank, therefore, represents a heady mix of naked backing by the greedy corporates, who have looted and plundered the country’s resources over the past decade, on the one hand and assorted fundamentalists, rioters and crooks, on the other. If this toxic combine succeeds in grabbing power at the centre, India’s democracy will be at peril.

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