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Contents – Indian General Elections 2014 (Issue 6)

Index - Indian General Elections 2014 (Issue 6)

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By Mary Ann Chacko & Mosarrap H. Khan
In our euphoric expectation for a better economic future over the next five years, we must not lose sight of the fact that a democratically elected government must ensure social equity and justice for each and every citizen.

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A Handbook of Indian Politics

By Indranil Dey
For the 2014 polls, let me do a Bejan Daruwala. I see Narendra Modi wave sweeping BJP into a possibly strong NDA coalition. I can only hope that it will not repeat its mistakes and allow lives to be lost again. What India needs is a visionary who will create a technological edge. That will pave the way for a bright future for India.

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The Aam Aadmi in Indian General Elections 2014

By Mosarrap H. Khan
In the General Elections 2014, we are confronted with at least three distinct notions of the aam aadmi: Congress’ traditional aam aadmi, the economically poor; Kerjiwal’s new aam aadmi, who demands an honest system; and Modi’s aspirational aam aadmi, who aspires to reach the pinnacle through enterprise.

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