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Reclamation of rights and agency in Meena Kandasamy’s ‘When I Hit You’

By Vipasha Bhardwaj
Seduced by love and politics, the marriage seemed innocuous at first but soon the husband began his toxic manipulation and gas-lighting by coercing her to delete her Facebook account. Being a writer and having relocated to a new town with no professional connections, Facebook was the protagonist’s only means to the literary world where she could get some freelance work.

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‘When I Hit You’: An Account of an Artist as a Victim of Marital Abuse

By Anindita Mitra
Kandasamy writes a story which is inspired by her short yet disastrous marriage to the person she loved. The anonymous protagonist is the universal representation of every young woman, educated in the language of freedom and feminism, in search of one true love of her life, seeking every opportunity to break away from the stranglehold of familial pressure.

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From ‘The Dark Room’ to ‘Bhumika’: The Perennial Saga of Female Subalternity

By Sambhu Nath Banerjee
Both Urvashi and Savitri are like weary and thirsty travellers, trudging through the dreary desert sand, occasionally coming across a mirage, which finally eludes them and leaves them longing for a sweet, peaceful home.

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