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Chale bhi aao ke gulshan ka karobaar chale

By Sunayana Kachroo
My love for Faiz’s poetry rekindled quite accidently in the year 2011, when a friend sent me some audio recordings of “Gulon Main Rang Bharo” a poetic tribute to Faiz Ahmad Faiz, brilliantly conceived and orchestrated by one of the best theater directors of India, Salim Arif. The premise of this show was set on the letters that Faiz wrote to his wife Alyss during his tormenting stay at the prison.

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What Faiz would have written about AAP

By Gorvika Rao
Faiz, in fact, would be giving a wry smile, if he had been asked to write how he felt about AAP and the ‘political revolution’ that it was supposed to bring about in the country. He would give a wry smile, maybe shake his head a bit, and tell you to just read a poem of his.

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By Anirudh Kala
“Next you will recite Faiz to me,” he had said caustically, “the one about, ‘Ask me not for that fervour, my beloved, for there are joys other than love’s rapture and sorrows other than lovers’ separation’”. His hurt had made him improvise.

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Dawn of Freedom Across the Churning Padma

By Saon Bhattacharya
As the restrained wails of unwanted refugees rose up to mingle with the sooty chimney smoke from the factories and open air wood-fired ovens, he stepped out for the last time from the train compartment into the overcrowded platform below. There was much to be arranged for the family’s first funeral in that teeming metropolis.

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Brass Bells

By Rashida Murphy
We hear the bells outside. It’s Krishna’s birthday. The rich moneylenders have moved on to the street markets where business is brisk and Ganesh is more popular but the cows still come home the old way, pausing outside the house to bestow blessings.

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Red is the color of a poem

By Goirick Brahmachari
Faiz Ahmed Faiz-inspired poems.

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