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Posts tagged ‘Kashmir Uprisings 2016’

The Economics of the Kashmir Conflict

By Bilal Hussain
While, it is very plausible that normalcy paves way for economic expansion, in Kashmir ‘normalcy’ acts but as a gizmo for economic captivity of the state. However, the state government and its overlords in New Delhi, use the ‘economic losses’ argument that the unrest in Kashmir leads to, as a ploy to subdue the popular sentiment of azaadi among the Kashmiri people.

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It was the Blood!

By Huzaifa Pandit
I was a little child barely able to register my first memory of a gun toting BSF man leading out a neighbour through our lane at gunpoint. I would be slightly puzzled when army men wearing soiled jackboots would come into our house without taking them off outside. Knowing my grandmother who had a marked aversion to dirty feet that soiled her clean house, I often wondered why she abstained from shouting at these men, who would often leave the whole house in tumult.

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Non-Domination: A Just Course for Kashmiri Self-Determination

By Latief Ahmad Dar and Rayees Ahmad Bhat
So, if the Kashmiris want to constitute themselves as a democratic public at all, they need to provide mechanisms based on non-domination for the effective representation and recognition of the distinct voices and perspectives of those constituent groups that are in minority or disadvantaged. They need to recognize that self-determination is not only about choice but also the land-ownership practices and the social relationships that develop through such practices.

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Toward a Pragmatic/Liberal Position on Kashmir for Outsiders

By Cheshta Arora and Debarun Sarkar
As members of a nation state, our solidarity shouldn’t end by extending our mere support to the group seeking independence but should give us an opportunity to contemplate on our own complicated relation with the state and this leads us to a decision between two obvious choices present here—either an overthrow of/withdrawal from the state or to work from within the state.

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