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Posts tagged ‘Gendered Displacement’

Women in Conflict: Multiple Marginalities through Displacement

By Subhajit Sengupta
The #metoo campaign saw women across the world taking down powerful men and calling them out for what was for long being accepted as 'men’s privilege’. But the real change will happen when this phenomenon trickles down to the downtrodden. Thus the only hope that one is left with is that the ‘trickle down theory’ will not be as laggard socially as it has been economically.

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Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home

By Mahuya Paul
When I first moved to Bangalore almost two decades ago, I loved the essence of the garden city – warm people, cool weather, and very metro. For some reason, I did not feel left out as you do when you visit a new city, alone. And I say this because when I visited Delhi the first time, I wanted to run away from the place because it was so hostile. I just assumed that the rest of the metros would be equally unwelcome. But Bangalore was a pleasant surprise!

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Defining my life and art through displacement

By Lapdiang Syiem
Having spent three and a half years of my life training at the National School of Drama in New Delhi, I struggled to make sense of what the theatre meant to me. I did not grow up in an environment of any performance tradition as such. I come from an oral tradition of myths and legends that have nothing in common with the two Indian epics: the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

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