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Posts tagged ‘Folk Music’

Folklore in South Asia: The Politics and Ethics of Digital Archives

By Carola Erika Lorea
Some of these online platforms look like smart ideas for their curators to build an academic career or to make a lucrative tourism business out of folk traditions: little is known on the supposedly beneficial effects that these archives are offering to the cultural owners of folklore.

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The Dotara Project

By Md Intaj Ali
Dotara has been used predominantly in Bhawaiya songs of North Bengal. In addition to Bhawaiya songs, the dotaras are also played with other instruments in Murshidi, Marfathi, Jari gaan, Baul, Fakiri songs, and Kabigaan. There is an online Facebook dotara group called ‘Dotara Bajai’ for promoting and teaching dotara tutorials to the younger generations.

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