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Posts tagged ‘Feminism’

Feminist Dress Culture and the Hijab: Some Personal Observations

By Jenny Rowena
Soon, I realized that feminism was not just excluding many women but it was also oppressing them. It was trying to wrench them out of their own sense of the world and their social locations that are closely tied to their communities and literally forcing them to convert into a liberal worldview in the name of ‘freedom’ and ‘choice.’

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An Interview with the directorial team of “In the name of Secularism”

By Varsha Basheer
The immediate reason to take up the issue was the formal banning of hijab in a school in Kollam district of Kerala, where a student issued a complaint against the institute for not letting her wear her hijab. Her resilience brought the incident into highlight. The news was suddenly in the papers and garnered some attention, but not all positive.

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Photo-Essay: Imaging and Imagining Hijabis

By Mohammed Shah
Post 9/11, as we know, is significant for the resolute attempts made by Muslim women on their assertion of identity that actually clashes with the secular liberal discourse on religion. In opposition to the images propagated by the dominant narratives, Muslim women, as part of their assertion, started to shape their own ways to be imagined, photographed and visualized.

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