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Guest Editorial – The Rarest of the Rare – Job Vacancy for A Hangman – Any Takers? : Penology after Derrida

By Anindya Sekhar Purakayastha
Derrida’s Death Penalty seminars have just been translated into English and this issue of Café Dissensus marks this great occasion to widen the debate initiated by Derrida in his seminars.

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An Endangered Clause: The Death Penalty in Zambia

By Cheela Himutwe K Chilala
And probably this explains why Nelson Mandela concluded that "the death sentence is a reflection of the animal instinct still in human beings". For these reasons, we urge all the Zambian people to demand the removal of the death sentence from their statute books, from their Constitution.

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Revisiting the ‘Karachi Resolution’: The Genealogy of Reintroducing Capital Punishment in India

By Sanchayita Paul Chakrabarty & Dhritiman Chakrabarty
The Vedic scriptures, Manusamhita and Bhagvada Gita talk of capital punishment in a supportive vein but they insist that capital punishment should be performed by the right person of character. In fact, they are more in favour of the karmic justice which the convict will suffer in the next birth for his Karma, his sin.

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Indian Judiciary and the Issue of Capital Punishment

By Sujato Bhadra
But this was shamelessly denied to Maqbool Butt in 1984, who was tried by a British colonial Ordinance –The Enemy Agents ordinance, 1943 – and recently to Afzal Guru, the prime convict of parliament attack.

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From Homines Sacri to Homo Sacer: Punishing the Immanent Sinister Inside

By Subhendra Bhowmick
While this is more reasonable on the part of the lion-king, the subject animals would do better if they revolt. But what if they are themselves somehow obliged to offer this tribute? Often death penalty draws justifications through some kind of immanent ‘guilt’-consciousness of the people, when taken one at a time.

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