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Posts from the ‘Issue 5/Death Penalty’ Category

From Homines Sacri to Homo Sacer: Punishing the Immanent Sinister Inside

By Subhendra Bhowmick
While this is more reasonable on the part of the lion-king, the subject animals would do better if they revolt. But what if they are themselves somehow obliged to offer this tribute? Often death penalty draws justifications through some kind of immanent ‘guilt’-consciousness of the people, when taken one at a time.

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Death Penalty of the Witches and the Micro-physics of Power

By Samita Manna and Soumyajit Patra
Though witch killings, in politico-administrative discourses, are treated as incidents of murder, these are nothing but examples of capital punishments given by the community, based on the definition of the situation as per its customary laws, to the offenders – the witches, to avert further damages.

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Death, Life, and Law

By Saitya Brata Das
This forgiveness cannot exhaustively be realized within the negotiated realm of possibilities and conditionalities which often, as we have seen above, uses the logic of ultimatum belonging to the capacities and authorities of the sovereign power.

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Schizo-analyzing Death Sentences: Death, Territory, Capital

By Saswat Samay Das
It is the populist imagination of death, evident within those populist artworks – imaginative sketches, cartoon networks and comics that feed our nascent pre-mature imagination – as a hooded figure with a rope or an axe or as that cruel parting shot which the frightful, towering figure of Yama, the lord of death riding an equally frightful buffalo.

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