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Posts from the ‘Issue 13/Short Story – Night’ Category

Notes From The Parallel

By Mrugank Indurkar
Maria is 34 and she has no breasts. She is wearing a black gown and wayfarers on her eyes. She picks up some stones and begins throwing one stone after another and keeps staring at the water where the stones have been falling. The stones remain on the water’s surface. And then they sink, creating an echo in the air that would remain in Maria’s heart forever.

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Fear and Loathing in Munirka

By Abhimanyu Singh
For half an hour or so, we listened to the constant flickering of matchsticks and other sounds coming out from his room. Our insides retched at the emetic bait. Knowing that Manik was doing it in the next room was the worst affliction we could suffer at that moment, considering that he did not really seem to wish to share any.

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Sentinels of the Night

By Sunil Sharma
As the night advances, sleep still not an immediate possibility, I watch the street below. I maintain the vigil. And, in the deafening solitude, I hear somebody walking on tiptoe. It is Hegel. Yes, the venerable Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. And he is smiling.

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That one night in the life of Gopa

By Gopa Nayak
She could not help but nourish the thoughts that if Buddhism was so enriched today it was because of the love and sacrifice that she had instilled into a human being who had shared everything with her, albeit for a while. Those thoughts had finally brought respite to her soul relieving her from all the anguish of a deserted woman.

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