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Dr. Silpi Maitra (Issue Editor) is a former student of English and Foreign Languages University, Shillong campus. She completed her M.Phil. degree in English Literature with a specialisation in Partition Literature from EFLU in 2014. Recently, she has obtained a PhD degree from the Department of Cultural and Creative Studies, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong. Her PhD thesis is entitled The Jatrapala Tradition of West Bengal: A Study in Theatrical Communication.” She has also worked as a Guest Faculty of English Literature at English and Foreign Languages University, Shillong (2016-2019) and as a Guest faculty of English at Vivekananda College for Women in Kolkata for one year before joining EFLU Shillong as a course instructor in 2016. At present, she is working as an Assistant Professor of English, at Falakata College, Alipurduar, West Bengal. She has to her credit a rich compendium of national and international seminars, conferences, workshops and various research papers which have been published in several books and journals.

Anindita Mitra is a SACT-1 category English Lecturer in a State-Aided College in Kolkata and is pursuing research simultaneously.

Ankita Das is a postgraduate in English Literature and Languages from The English and Foreign Languages University. She focuses her research on culture and criticism across multilingual communities, diaspora and the effects of simulation in literary writing.

Oishika Ghosh is presently a student of Sociology at Jadavpur University. Her research interests include studies on Caste, Gender and Visual Sociology. She has presented her papers at both International and National Conferences organized by Indian Sociological Society (ISS) and corresponding Universities. Her pieces have also been published on academic websites and a few other Journal magazines.

A teacher and a researcher, Sambhu Nath Banerjee (Ph.D. in Ag from University of Calcutta) has a great passion for writing, photography and travelling. He writes on diverse topics such as Sister Nivedita, Satyajit Ray and films. His works have featured in Muse India, Borderless, Briefly Zine and 3Elements. 

Shreya Chakrabarty is an Assistant Professor of English Literature, currently posted at Rampurhat College, Birbhum, West Bengal. The areas of her interest are graphic art, genocide studies, philosophy and gender studies. She has authored multiple research articles and book chapters till now. A firm believer in the omnipotence of art and literature, she wishes to do her share in making the world a better place.

Dr. Surabhi Jha is an Independent Researcher. She has completed her Ph. D. on Holocaust and Gender studies. Her areas of interest include Holocaust, Gender studies, and Dalit Literature.

Vipasha Bharadwaj is an Assistant Professor of English, who is an enthusiastic researcher and a compassionate teacher working at Pub Kamrup College which is located in Baihata Charali in Assam.

Photo: World Economic Forum


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