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Contents: The Panorama of the Pandemic and the Female Subalternity (Issue 67)



The Panorama of the Pandemic and the Female Subalternity

Silpi Maitra


‘What I Am Today, I Won’t Remain Tomorrow’: A Celebration of Resilience and Post-traumatic Personal Growth of Abuse Survivors
Shreya Chakrabarty

Reclamation of rights and agency in Meena Kandasamy’s ‘When I Hit You’

Vipasha Bhardwaj

‘When I Hit You’: An Account of an Artist as a Victim of Marital Abuse

Anindita Mitra

A Panoramic Overview of the Pandemic in Rearview

Ankita Das 

The Confined Contours of Femininity in the Narratives of Shashi Deshpande
Silpi Maitra 

From The Dark Room to Bhumika: The Perennial Saga of Female Subalternity

Sambhu Nath Banerjee 

Borders of the Pandemic: Requisitioning the Dialogue between Female Subjugation and Red-light Areas
Oishika Ghosh

Locating sexual subalterns and transphobia during the pandemic
Surabhi Jha


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