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Remembering the Bangladesh Genocide of 1971: Reflections by Youth from West Bengal (Issue 66)



The Bangladesh Genocide of 1971: Remembrance versus Denial
Navras J. Aafreedi

Politicisation and Abuse of Memory: The Genocide in Bangladesh and the Failure of the International Crimes Tribunal
Neellohit Roy

Women’s Suffering during the Bangladesh Genocide of 1971
Shreya Saha

Locating the Woman in Nationalism: The Birangonas of Bangladesh
Titas Mitra

The Wayfarers of the Missed Train: Migration and Massacre
Arghya Protim Bala

Primo Levi’s If This is a Man (1947) and Sufia Kamal’s Ekattorer Diary (1989): A Comparative Analysis
Soumik Sarkar

The Massacre of Bengali Intelligentsia during the Bangladesh Genocide of 1971
Mridul Banik

May 20, 1971: The Massacre of Bengali Hindus in Chuknagar
Bramhi Dey

The Vicious Cycle of Violence: Bangladesh and its Internal Strife since its Genesis
Shourjya Das

Note: All photos used in this issue are taken by the issue editor, Navras J. Aafreedi


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