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Contents: Thinking through the body: Fear, faith, and fluids (Issue 64)



Thinking through the body: Fear, faith, and fluids
Papia Sengupta


Embodying social change: Mahatma Gandhi and decolonisation of the body
Teresa Joseph

A body against the world of caste monsters?
Smita Patil

Fertility, blood flow and embodiment in religious sacrificial traditions
Salini Saha

The politics of semen
Sohini Saha

Childbirth as resistance: Possessive masculinity and the limits of power
Sonali Pattnaik

The body of the condemned: An analysis of the criminal justice system in India
Vipanchika Sahasri Bhagyanagar

Body of the dead: Rituals of death and disenfranchised grief in post-COVID society
Jigyasa Sogarwal

Fear for the body and online piety: Turning to God in the era of Covid-19
Kidhar P.T.

Sensuality envisioned through the lens of Kapoor and Ray
Sambhu Nath Banerjee

Mind over matter
Sharmista Sen Gupta

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