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Contents: Decentering the Center (Issue 63)



Decentering the Center
Urvi Sharma


The Curious Case of Political Labelling: Decentring Yourself in Contemporary India
Athira Mohan

How to Listen to the Peripheries?
Jahnabi Mitra

An Ecological Critique of the Ideology of Developmentalism
Survesh Pratap Singh

Nationalizing Hindi and the Use of Language as Discourse by the Center
Sindhura Dutta

Social Media Activism amidst Dissenting Voices and Internet Shutdowns
Shivani Das

Defying Gender Roles: Manto’s “Mozelle” in Our Times
Ragini Mishra

Hedonism, Expedition to the Moon, Protagoras, and the Horn of Dilemma
Rana Sarkar

Let’s Look Beyond the Gender, Shall We?
Nandini Sood

The Crisis of the Imagined Community: A Study of the Current State in India
Anmolpreet Kaur

De-centering the Perception of War: From Virilio’s ‘Desert Screen’ to the Ultra-Modern Era of Bioweapons
Avnoor Makhu

Collected Poems by Adam Day
Adam Day



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