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Contents: Exploring Motherly Instincts: Representation of Mothers in Indian Cinema (Issue 62)



Exploring Motherly Instincts: Representation of Mothers in Indian Cinema
Srija Sanyal


Twinning Compassion and Murder: On the Question of Motherhood in ‘Shubho Mahurot’
Aparajita De

Independent, Strong yet Vulnerable: The Portrayal of Working Women in Indian Web Series
Aparna Rajesh and Shantharaju S

Utopian Motherhood in Matrubhoomi: A Nation Without Women (2005)
Athira Unni

Rhetoric Construction of Motherhood in Ritwik Ghatak’s Films
Debjani Halder

Screaming Mothers in Malayalam Cinema: Motherhood as a Genre-defying Identity in Malayalam Cinema
Raj Sony Jalarajan and Adith K. Suresh

The Quintessence of the Motherhood in Ray’s Films
Sambhu Nath Banerjee

Reclaiming Mother India: Mother, Nation, and the Other in Safina Uberoi’s ‘My Mother India’
Soumitree Gupta

There is no Bad Mother: ‘Beta’ and the Indian Mother-Law Against the West’s Asian Mother Phobia
Suneel Mehmi

Representing the Single Mother: An Analysis of Tribhanga and Shakuntala Devi
Tracy Jose

Perfectionist Mothers and their Idealistic Demands: Shakun Batra’s Exploration of The Darker Shades of Motherhood
Yamini Sargotra


From Shared Dreams of Music to Hot Showers: Motherhood and Changing Roles in ‘Margarita With A Straw’
Gayatri Aich and Joy Chakraborty

Kahaani’s Vidya Bagchi: New Woman, Goddess and Avenging Mother
Priyam Sinha

The Space of Amma Sentiment in Tamil Cinema
R Rohit

The Reluctant Mother: A Study of ‘Motherhood’ as a Tool of Patriarchy in Bollywood Films
Rituparna Das


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