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When She Thinks of The City

By Shafinur Shafin

Burying the roots of memory like a dead reptile
This city crawls to the sky
The sun brings a dazzling light behind the green leaves
and pours down sleep onto us.
She takes a right turn –
As the snaky road
Glides taking her to the end of the ditch
Where stories of disappearances flap their wings…
She sits amidst the ruins to seek her root
She sees the ones who are old
go out for a walk in the twilight
She sits waiting for none
Realizing city is like home
No one comes back to the city
Once they leave
Like home, it stands, deserted
But why is it that home tunes a dream
Like a violin inside her head,
When she thinks of the city?

Painting: Jolina Anthony

Shafinur Shafin
is a poet, writer, translator and academic. She is also the poetry editor of Prachya Review, an international literary webzine. She writes in both English and Bangla. Her first poetry collection, Nisangam, has been published in Bangladesh in 2016 and her translation book “gondomphul” was published in 2019. Her poems and articles appeared in various reputed national and international magazines and journals.


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