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Monsoon at College Street

By Mandira Mitra

Clouds are kind this year. An
Hour long shower has turned thoroughfares
To estuaries coursing around narrow lanes, behind
A synagogue of dreams. A blind beggar
lugs along in the water, creating music
With spare change in his aluminium bowl.
This is the most we are permitted.
Wind, water, horns honking,
Tired Vehicles chugging ahead in a queue
And within an unfathomable darkness
The sound of rain singing, albeit visionless
Down a vast universe’s sewer, begging blindly for redress.

Painting: Purnendu Mandal

Mandira Mitra is a voracious reader of poetry from any place anywhere on earth. She has evolved from a reader to a writer. She also writes prose and is writing her memoir in parts. She is Assistant Professor of English at Bethune College Kolkata. Her greatest teachers have been her students.


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  1. Rajanya Roy #

    You’re too good at this. This one remind me of Eliot. Just speechless!

    December 26, 2021

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