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Contents: Reflections on Rohith Vemula’s Suicide (Issue 59)



Editor’s Note: Institutional Murder of Rohith Vemula
Drishadwati Bargi 


The Universal Visuality of Rohith Vemula and the Aesthetics of Emancipation
Aatika Singh

Resistance in Vulnerability: Meaning Making of Visuals of Rohith Vemula
Ankita Chatterjee 

Performing Resistance in Art: The Ghosts of Velivada
Saumya Mani Tripathi

A Brief History of the ASA
Munna Sannaki

Reorienting Student Politics in Kerala and Reading Vemula Beyond His Student Activism
Mohammed Salih

The University Life of Dalit Students and ASA
Prajwal Gaikwad

Para-Religious Narrative as Antidote to Caste Narratives
Sacaria Joseph

Politics Beyond Death: Rohith Vemula’s Martyrdom and Possibilities of Resistance
Moinak Banerjee

No Pedagogy for the Oppressed: Caste (in) Academia
Deepti Sreeram


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