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Contents: Pandemics/Epidemics and Literature (Issue 57)


Guest-Editorial: Pandemics/Epidemics and Literature
Nishi Pulugurtha

The Wonder of Living and the Anxiety of Death
Ranu Uniyal

Pandemics: Insights from World Literature
Sambhu Nath Banerjee

The Last Man: Mary Shelley and her Defiance against Dystopia
Sarottama Majumdar

Reading Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death”
Nishi Pulugurtha

The 1897 Bombay Plague in the Writings of Pandita Ramabai
Subarna Bhattacharya

Reading Camus in the Time of Corona
Ananya Dutta Gupta

The Plague: A Pedagogy for Pandemic Times
Sacaria Joseph

Forgotten Difference: Translating Quarantine from Urdu
Ishan Mehandru

Narratives of Suffering and ‘Risk’: Looking Back at Ahmed Ali’s Twilight in Delhi
Sumantra Baral

Reading Manjula Padmanabhan’s “The Living Planet” in Pandemic Times
Nabanita Sengupta

Remembering Online: Reinscribing Normative Autobiographies in the Pandemic Era Digital Obituary
Yash Rakesh Gupta


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