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Content: Poetics and politics of the ‘everyday’: Engaging with India’s northeast (Issue 53)


Guest Editorial

Poetics and Politics of the ‘everyday’: Engaging with India’s Northeast
Bhumika R and Suranjana Choudhury


“Multipartner Mud Dances”: The Uneventful Entanglement of Humans and Animals in Two Assamese Poems
Amit R. Baishya

Indigenous Cultures of the North Eastern Region of India: Revival and Preservation
Esther Syiem

Popular Music Subculture and the Northeast Youth
KB Veio Pou

All Khasi Women Need Representation
Laiamon Naomi Nengnong

Memories of Songs: Words Lost and Found

Queering the Everyday: Northeast India and Queering Experiences
Lede-e-Miki Pohshna

A Day in Barkhola: Memory, History and the Fading Everyday in India’s Northeast
Rongili Biswas

Promises of the Kwai: Discovering Voices that Sing
Sebanti Chatterjee

The Danger of a Single Story: Northeast India
Z. D. Lalhmangaihzauva

Creative Interventions

Five Poems by Ananya Guha
Ananya Guha

Short Story: Caring
Gankhu Sumnyan

An excerpt from a forthcoming novel, ‘Funeral Nights’
Kynpham Sing Nongkynrih 

Three Poems by Lalnunsanga Ralte
Lalnunsanga Ralte

Two Poems by Nabina Das
Nabina Das

Four Poems by Namrata Pathak
Namrata Pathak

Two Poems by Rimi Nath Rimi Nath 

Poem: Laitumkhrah
Robin S Ngangom

Short Story: Sunset in the Hills

Poem: Alu Pitika
Sumana Roy


Archery and its Aesthetics in Meghalaya
Anand Sachin

Re-imagining working women: Glimpses from Northeast India
Pfokrelo Kapesa

“I will have my bread”: The waning significance of spirituality in the hills of eastern Himalayas
Supromit Maiti

Picture Credit: Aniqa Tansim Taba


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