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Contents: Writing In Academia (Issue 50)




Building the Boat While Sailing it: Writing Pedagogy in India
Anannya Dasgupta and Madhura Lohokare 


Regional, National, International: Graded Hierarchies of Academic Practice
Savitha Suresh Babu

Taking Academic Writing Back to School
Payal Singh

Towards Breathing New Life into Writing Practices in School Classrooms
Rajashree Gandhi

Assessing to Teach: Writing in an ESL Classroom
Nupur Samuel

Languages → ← Realities: Some Thoughts on the Writing Courses Indian Universities Need
Anuj Gupta

Bridge-Books in Malayalam: The Transformative Potential of Social Sciences Writing
J Devika

Translating (Gender) Trouble
Sameer Abraham Thomas

Reading While Writing While Reading
Bhoomika Joshi

Ruminating the Field and the Pedagogy of Writing Notes
Suchismita Chattopadhyay

From Fieldnotes to Finished Text: Affect and the Labor of Care in Writing Ethnography
Anusha Hariharan

Enacting Care in Writing Pedagogy: Notes from a Collaborative Exercise
Madhura Lohokare

Mortality and Writing Pedagogy
Durba Chattaraj

The Writing Self and the Work of Care in Critical Writing Pedagogy
Anannya Dasgupta

Writing Together: Working Towards New Cultures of Writing in Academia
Vasudha Katju

Notes from an Inattentive, Lumpen Professor
Nandini Dhar

Writing without Discipline: Reflections of an ‘Interdisciplinary’ Academic
Swathi Shivanand

Writing Without Arguments: An Argument Against Utility in Academic Writing
Shantam Goyal

Softening Boundaries: Entering Academic Writing through Creative Writing
Kumud Bhansali

A Brief and Uneven Guide to Writing Pedagogy in Higher Education in India
Madhura Lohokare and Anannya Dasgupta

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  1. Rashna saikia #

    ThAnk you KREA team for very helpful and informative knowledge sharing with us through this workshop…

    March 28, 2022

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