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Poem: Home as Home

By Saurav Debnath 

Never have I thought home as home
Until I was dragged out from mine own.

In that unconscious, uncertain turn,
I left my home to burn.

Left inside those raging flames, my past memories,
Now remain with me, a million agonies.

Leaving home parched my blood,
Staying could have cost death.

Rage, not mine own, but in people with the flags,
Spread pain that did not stop, but still drags.

Freedom but enslaved me, it cost me so much,
Left me in a lurch, and better still on a crutch.

What freedom thy say,
Where my home doesn’t stay?

What freedom I ask it be,
Where there be no home and family?

Sourav Debnath is pursuing his graduation in English Literature from the University of Delhi. A budding poet and writer, he is an amateur poet writing on issues that are currently raging.


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