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Contents: Revisiting the Partition of India, 1947 (Issue 48)



Past in Present: Partition of India
Kamayani Kumar


Somrita Ganguly

Partition, 1947
Varsha Sundriyal

Home as Home
Saurav Debnath

Short Story
They showed partition


Children of today and Partition of India

Talking Partition with Children: A Herculean Task or Not?
Anurima Chanda

Children as victims of Partition
Shrila Pokhriyal

Partition narratives

Partition and Nationalism through the Perspective of the Sex-workers in Srijit Mukherji’s Rajkahini (2015)
Priti Mandal

Partition’s Little Red Book: Revisiting Krishan Chander’s ‘Infamous’ Partition Stories, 70 Years On Raza Naeem

Beyond Partition
Nishat Haider

Partitioned Selves
Rosy Sinha

South-Asian Partition Studies: An ‘industry’ in the making?
Debasri Basu

Crosses and Knots: Subcontinental Partition Cinema
Prithviraj Sinha 

A leaf from Kashmir
Farhana Fayaz

Book Review

Salman Rashid’s Of home, loss, and healing
Anubhav Pradhan


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