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Contents: Women as the ‘displaced’: The context of South Asia (Issue 44)



Women as the “Displaced” in South Asia
Suranjana Choudhury and Nabanita Sengupta

Partition, 1947: Unsettled lives, unwritten chaos…

Doomed by Circumstances
Amarinder Gill

Muted Voices and Gendered Memories: Some notes of violent uprooting from partitioned Assam
Binayak Dutta

Restored, or doubly displaced?: Women and the Recovery Commission in India’s Partition Narratives
Debasri Basu

A Tale of Being Female in a Time of Conflict: Displaced in One’s Native Land
Paromita Sengupta 

Chhor aaye hum who galiyaan: Representations of women displaced by Partition in popular cinema
Sudeshna Chakravorty

Carrying on an ‘Imaginary Rooting’ in the Journeys of ‘Uprooted-ness’: Refugee Women and Bengal
Anindita Ghoshal

“Her Thighs Still Smell of Milk”: Partition and Poetry in Northeast India
Rajashree Bargohain and Rohini Mokashi-Punekar 

My Grandmother’s Tales of the Partition, 1947
Sashi Teibor Laloo

Diasporic voices: Voices from beyond the homeland

“[A]ll because I was an Afghan woman”: Reading the Life Story of Zarghuna Kargar in Dear Zari: Hidden Stories from Women in Afghanistan
Dolikajyoti Sharma

A female perspective on exile in Nadeem Aslam’s Maps for Lost Lovers (2004)
Joanna Antoniak

Unfolding Dreams in a State of Displacement
Rima Bhattacharya 

A journey across cities: A re-encounter with the women of ‘Dhobi Ghat’
Saumya B Verma

Dis-placing the Heteropatriarchal Gaze: The Female Body, Love, and Desire in Mohanraj’s ‘Bodies in Motion’
Kaustav Bakshi

Displacement induced by social institutions

‘Chidiyon da chamba’: Leaving Home and Making Home: A Study of Marital Displacement
Debamitra Kar

The ‘Burned Star’: Life Sketches of Rosie, the First Malayalam Movie Actress (1903-1928) Vineeth Mathoor

Conflicts and calamities: Disorders of displacement

Women in Conflict: Multiple Marginalities through Displacement
Subhajit Sengupta

Displacement as empowerment

Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home
Mahuya Paul

Defining my life and art through displacement
Lapdiang Syiem

Photo: Hindustan Times


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