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Contents: Humanimal and the Planet Earth (Issue 41)


Guest-Editorial – Cowborg Manifesto and the Binaric Closure of Homo Deus: Becoming Animal as War Machine
Anindya Sekhar Purakayastha

Becoming “Before” The Damned: Radical Religious Vision/s for the Animals, Earth, and People to Come
Brianne Donaldson

Felice Cimatti

How to Think Through the Animal?: Towards New Frontiers of Critical Animal Studies: An Interview with Matthew Calarco
Anindya Sekhar Purakayastha and Saptaparni Pandit

Poems: A Trilogy of Cats
Bashabi Fraser

Wo und Ob: Heidegger’s Animal Differently
Richard Iverson

A Parliament for Elephants: Encroachment, Laws, and Animal Rights
Tirthankar Ghosh and Manas Dutta

Re-worlding Planetary Thought and Species History in the Anthropocene: An Interview with Dipesh Chakrabarty
Mursed Alam and Anindya Sekhar Purakayastha

Book Review: Poetizing the History of Non-human Subjugation in the Age of the Anthropocene
Manas Dutta

Review Essay – Panexperientialism and Ontological Multiplicity: Notes Toward Creaturely Love and Creaturely Cosmologies
Anindya Sekhar Purakayastha


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