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Contents: Remembering Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in Bicentenary Year (1817-2017) (Issue 40)



Sir Syed Ahmad Khan: A plea for de-instutionalised remembrance
Irfanullah Farooqi


Why Sir Syed Ahmad Khan is not a positivist thinker
Talim Akhtar

Sir Sayyid and his educational mission
Amir Ali

Revisiting Islaah and Tehzeeb
Irfanullah Farooqi

Scripting a Democratisation
Fahad Hashmi

Sir Syed’s Old World
Atul Mishra

Making “modernity” one’s own: A note on Sir Syed’s notion of jadidiyyat
A K Muneer

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan (1817-1898): A Modern Muslim in a Pre-Modern Age
Raza Naeem

Revisiting Sir Syed’s Early Religious Writings
Soheb Niazi

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan: A Search for Social Cohesion outside the Political Arena
Rizwan Qaiser

My tribute to Sir Syed: Translation of both editions of Asār-us-Sanadīd
Rana Safvi

Sir Syed: The Pragmatist of 19th Century India
Mohammad Sajjad

Community as Possibility: Afghani’s Critique of Sir Sayyid
Mohammad Sayeed

Sir Syed, the Project of Rationality, and the Question of Women’s Education
Shivangini Tandon


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