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Contents: Women’s Writing from North East India (Issue 36)


Guest-Editorial: Women’s Writing from North East India
Namrata Pathak


Nabina Das’ Three Poems
Nabina Das

Nabanita Kanungo’s Three Poems
Nabanita Kanungo

Easterine Kire’s Six Poems
Easterine Kire

The Lexicographer in Lower Assam
Sumana Roy


Bhobai tells a story
Nitoo Das

Road to Freedom
Leisangthem Gitarani Devi

Extracts from Mamoni Roisom Goswami
Dibyajyoti Sarma

Bipasha Bora’s “Ka Sinsa’s Piglet”
Dibyajyoti Sarma


Women Activist Writings from the North-East: A Perspective
Sabreen Ahmed

Food, Culture, and Gendered Space: A Reading of Easterine Iralu’s ‘A Terrible Matriarchy’
Sanghamitra De

Re-Reading Tejimola through Nitoo Das’s “Tejimola” and Uddipana Goswami’s “Tejimola Forever”
Stuti Goswami

Writing the Body and Experiences: Menstruation Narratives in Select Assamese Short Fiction
Nizara Hazarika

Musical Tales of Choices and Sacrifices: A Review of Mitra Phukan’s A Full Night’s Thievery
Payal Jain

Resistance and the Woman: An Analysis of Assamese Short Stories
Abantika Dev Ray

Pan-Indian and Cosmopolitan Concerns in Temsula Ao’s Writing
Devastuti Sharma

Writing Conflict, Writing Gender: Looking at Two Assamese Novels
Parvin Sultana


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