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Contents: Masculinities in Urban India (Issue 35)


Guest-Editorial: Masculinities in Urban India: Of contradictions, dilemmas and uncertainties
Madhura Lohokare

Anxieties of “Dabanggai”: Tales from Delhi’s Urban Villages
Sushmita Pati

Reclaiming “Manliness”: Reflections on growing up in Delhi
Soheb Niazi

Smuggler City to Smart City: Masculine City Making on the Urban Periphery
Lalitha Kamath and Radhika Raj

Exclusionary Masculinities: Exploring caste, class, and gender bias in urban Indian gay men
Vishal Tondon

‘Tis Not Just a Laughing Matter: A Conversation with Chris M. Kurian
Madhura Lohokare

There are Stories and then there are Stories
Nina Koshy and Ayona Dasgupta

Working with Paradoxes: A critical feminist engagement with men’s rights groups
Ridhima Sharma

Narrating Men, Narrating the City: An interview with Kanu Behl
Madhura Lohokare

Manhood in the Age of Hindutva: Notes from the challis of industrial Ahmedabad
Rubina Jasani

Duped by the God-Trick: How feminism changed the way I look at body-image research
Paras Sharma

Loafers, Punters, and Romeos: Reading Bhau Padhye’s Vasunaaka and Raada
Madhura Lohokare


For more stories, read Café Dissensus Everyday, the blog of Café Dissensus Magazine.

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