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Fahad Hashmi is an independent researcher, who holds an MPhil in Sociology from Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, Delhi, India. He regularly writes on political Islam, issues of minorities, and on other issues of political and social concerns.

Tabish Khair was born and educated in Gaya, a small town in Bihar, India. He is the author of various acclaimed books, including the studies, Babu Fictions and The Gothic, Postcolonialism and Otherness, the novels, The Bus Stopped, Filming: A Love Story, The Thing About Thugs and How to Fight Islamist Terror from the Missionary Position, and the poetry collections, Where Parallel Lines Meet and Man of Glass. He has also edited or co-edited some major anthologies, such as Other Routes: 1500 Years of African and Asian Travel Writing. In 2016, he published a study, The New Xenophobia and a new novel, Jihadi Jane (available as Just Another Jihadi Jane outside India) to critical acclaim. He is currently an associate professor at Aarhus University, Denmark, and a Leverhulme guest professor at the School of English, Leeds University, UK. He has won the All India Poetry Prize. His novels have been shortlisted for major prizes and translated into six languages.

Dr Rakhshanda Jalil is a Delhi-based writer, translator, and literary critic. Her two recent books are Liking Progress, Loving Change: A Literary History of the Progressive Writers Movement in Urdu (Oxford University Press, 2014), and A Rebel and Her Cause: The Life and Work of Dr Rashid Jahan (Women Unlimited, 2014).

Soheb Niazi is a Doctoral Fellow at the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies in Germany. Formerly, he has been a student at the Jamia Millia Islamia and the Jawaharlal Nehru University.  

Ikramul Haque is a PhD Scholar at the Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Arif Hayat Nairang is a graduate student who is working on Kashmir at the Department of Anthropology, University of Minnesota, USA.

Afaque Haider is a doctoral candidate at the Dr K. R. Narayanan Centre for Dalit and Minorities Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia.

Sadia Hashmi graduated from Jamia Millia Islamia with a bachelor’s degree in English literature. Recently she completed her master’s from Gaya College, Magadh University.

Irfanullah Farooqi teaches at the Department of Sociology, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.

Khaled Jawed is a renowned Urdu fiction writer. His Aakhri Dawat (Penguin), Maut ki Kitab and Nematkhana are highly acclaimed novels. The Aakhri Dawat [The Last Supper] is part of the syllabus of Comparative Literature Course at the Department of South Asian languages, Princeton University, USA. He teaches as an associate professor at the Department of Urdu, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

Anas Aman is in the final year of B.A. (H) in Political Science at Gaya College, Gaya, Magadh University. He also keeps himself busy in activism and theatres.


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