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Contents – Bollywood Nationalism (Issue 30)

Bollywood: a melting pot of nationalism(s)
Roshni Sengupta

Historical continuities

The Different Faces of Hindi Cinema: The past, present, and future
Murtaza Ali Khan

When Selfhood Meets Nationhood: Subjectivity and the New Nation in Garam Hawa
Meher Ali

Popular Hindi Cinema and the Conflictual Figure of the Mother/Nation: Radha (Mother India) and Sumithra Devi (Deewar)
Swarnavel Eswaran

Vestiges of Nehruvian Nationalism: reading Sahir Ludhianvi’s songs today
Sania Hashmi

On Cultural Nationalism

Indian Cinema and the Notion of Cultural Nationalism
Hemaadri Singh Rana

Aisa Desh Hai Mera: Bollywood’s preoccupation with North India
Pritha Mahanti and Shreya Bhowmick

Narration and Variation: traversing the ‘nation’ through Bollywood
Riti Agarwala

Appropriating the Malayali’s story to build the Punjabi hero
Elsa Mathews

Bollywood and New Nationalism

Nationalism, Cricket, and Hindi Cinema
Aasita Bali and Aditya Krishnan

Swades and New Age Nationalism
Chandni Sengupta

Interrogating class and identity

“With his working class ties and his radical plans”: the nation, memory, and the man in Agneepath (2012)
Supurna Dasgupta

Muslims: The ‘prodigal sons’ of Bollywood?

Hindu-Muslim riots in Bollywood cinema: Observations on Bombay (1995) and Firaaq (2008)
Archisman Chaudhuri

The prodigal sons of Bollywood: understanding the Kashmir conflict through Hindi cinema
Julia Szivak

Indian Muslims, Bollywood, and Neo-Nationalism
Nadira Khatun

Through the lens of Haider: (re)-reading nationalist discourses
Payel Pal

Terrorism, Nationalism, and Bollywood: Analyzing A Wednesday
Srobana Bhattacharya

Photo: Chak De! India (2007)


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