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Contents – Intersectional Identities: Disability and the Other Margins (Issue 28)


Intersectional Identities: Disability and the Other Margins
Nandini Ghosh and Shilpaa Anand


My Personal Quest
Anita Ghai

Role of Higher Education in Building Stable Careers for Persons with Disabilities
Meenu Bhambhani

Are We Conscious of the Rights of Prisoners with Disabilities?
Kalpana Kannabiran

Reflecting on my Memory: My Life with Disability
Sameer Chaturvedi

Mathematics Education for ‘All’—As If Children with Disabilities Count
Jayasree Subramanian

Reasonable Accommodation for All
Amita Dhanda

Still My-Self? Or The Loss of the Self?
Rukmini Sen

Narratives of Women with Disabilities: Unraveling the Intersections
Jyotishmita Sarma

Disability and Media: Representation
Nookaraju Bendukurthi

Disability, exclusions, and the maintenance of corporeal norms
Bindhulakshmi Pattadath

In Memory of Rohith Vemula
Himanshu Upadhyaya

Defecation: A Psychological Strain for Women with Disabilities
Yogesh Kumar Yadav

Changing the Connotations of Disability: Mental Health and Higher Education
R Srivatsan

Through Her Able Eyes…
Shruthi Venukumar

India’s Antipathy: The lonesome fight of women with disabilities for dignity
Avinash Shahi

Inner Marginalities and Sub-Group Politicization within the Disability Movement
Deepa Palaniappan

To BE or to NOT BE: Contestations and Realizations
Srilatha Juvva and Candice Menezes


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