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By Avner Pariat

I have seen our capable generation not even attempt
Those things Ginsberg wrote about
They’ve no stomachs for balls, cock, tits and toys
They hide, scared, within some Romantic Christianity
O and fuck Ginsberg by the way and his sutras
Fuck these photographers with Messiah hangups
Whose portfolios are seen only by executives of marketing firms
Who want to be risky and schizophrenic after reading Larry Clarke
But would give up youth for a steady paycheck
Whose very notion of youth is that it’s about age
Fuck these lawyers who use law to impress upon us an order
Which cannot be coerced into the world
And who shout out their school names like a prestigious orgasm
Fuck the painters whose only art is repression and whose sole desire is becoming an endorsement,
Who pack sex into a canvas and quell it in life
Who use expletives in the streets but only when people look at them
Fuck the pressure groups whose only role is as a sewer for the middle class to relieve itself into
Who every three months must exact revenge against the poor vendors of Police Bazaar
Whose arms and legs are controlled by vile politicians
Fuck the Poets most of all
Who talk so much about art
Who expect me to have read their work
Who spew theory and jalebi verse

I wish everyday were like this
Windy winter with mandatory bleak grey skies
I wish everyday were like this when only little boys with brooms and dust-pans are brave enough to be up early
When the adults contend themselves to sunning their skins before small suns inside warm rooms
They look out, and on occasion, croak some instructions at the children
When there’s enough sun, the adults will line up along the wall
Puff cigarettes and rub the fatigue off their scales. 

Avner Pariat
 is usually depressed by what he sees around him. He likes film, literature, politics, and research; he is unable to make money from any.


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  1. There, there.

    June 19, 2016

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