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Project Ginsberg & Me: Ruminations on Freedom

By Anuj Gupta, Yatin Darwa and Dhairya Gupta


Anuj Gupta, Yatin Dawra and Dhairya Gupta are three friends who met each other in school, deep in the belly of Delhi in the ’90s. The skeins of their lives have been entangled ever since. For this issue, they present an audio-visual montage that juxtaposes social commentary with electronica, while paying homage to the work of Beats, especially Ginsberg’s poetry.

Project Ginsberg & Me: Ruminations on Freedom

Anuj Gupta is a literature student gone awry. Through his detailed communication with plants, he has come to realize that sound energy is everything. Like a mad scientist, he plays around with language to generate some newness in the daytime and spends his nights feeling anxious about everything. Originally one of the founders of Poets and Pints, he is now found rambling his prophetic nonsense in the jungles of JNU, from where is currently doing an M.phil on Allen Ginsberg.

Yatin Dawra juggles poetry, drumming, music production and his nihilistic babbling like a demented circus man from outer space. A graduate of literature from D.C.A.C in Delhi University, he is now doing a music production course at S.A.C.A.C at the Aurobindo Centre in the city. His life goals include the cultivation of a hypnotic, sound based lab + gig venue in Rithala on the outskirts of Delhi, where only the most flipped out people will be allowed in order to help produce an explosion that engulfs the entire universe.

Dhairya Gupta is a lost boy who spends his days cultivating what he calls ‘the noise within’. A student of law at the University of Delhi, he is currently trying to understand how the Indian nation manages to avoid self-annihilation on a daily basis, from a legal-structural perspective. After an accident at birth that left him partially blind, he developed an intense interest in optics which gradually evolved into his experiments with the camera. He can be found hanging from trees at night, trying out erotic camera techniques like the bokeh.


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  1. aj #


    June 26, 2016
  2. Rituparna #

    Read Anuj Gupta’s paper “Project Ginsberg and Me” and stumbled across this. Very striking! Rohith’s letter bit was especially well translated.

    February 24, 2019

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