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Contents: JNU and Its Tradition(s) of Dissent (Issue 24)

Guest-Editorial: JNU and Its Traditions of Dissent/Malavika Binny
Sedition in a Democracy/Meera Gopakumar
Capitalising on Capital Punishment/Tintu K J
To be Democratic is to be Radical: An Interview with Umar Khalid/Malavika Binny
Saraswati, Mahishasura and Durga: Love, JNU and a Mythology of Dissent/Kanad Sinha
The Irony of Diversity in India/Keisha Kashyap
Kanhaiya Speaks…: An Interview with Kanhaiya Kumar/Vani Mecheril
My Dance in JNU, with JNU and for JNU; A history of dance in JNU/Tintumol Joseph
Queer Narratives from JNU/Gourab Ghosh
The Frayed Pallu of Mother India’s Sari/Deepshikha Boro
Glimpses of History and Teasers of the Future: An Interview with Anirban Bhattacharya/Malavika Binny and Tintu K J
A Photo-Essay/Azhar Amin
When We Dance Naked…/Ashrukona Deka
Shackled in the name of Respect/Uthara. G
Cartoons: #JNU Stands!/Nassif Muhammed Ali
The Independent Intellectual?: A Response to Professor Makarand Paranjape’s  Lecture on Nationalism/Debaditya Bhattacharya
From Crimson to Maroon: The Many Shades of the Left on the Kashmir Issue/Shruthi Venukumar

Photo-credit: Haneefa Muhammed


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