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News of Drought

By Man Prasad Subba

Swilling the news of the drought
Slaked the cameras return
From chapped village and cracked field

Despatches despatched –
Stories of those who once
Staved hunger off with water
Now starving of thirst itself –
Reporters leave the restaurant
Belching beer

Towards evening I settle down
To a drink and the television news
Gaping pots and urns
Brimming with misfortune
Mill blindly about
Cows and buffaloes
Once gushing rivers of milk
Lie twitching on the ground
And politicians – their faces
Mouthing promises of relief

With a flick of the remote control
I teleport myself
to an entertainment channel
And to another whisky
On ice

Next day the papers arrive
Vomiting the news they
Gorged upon all night
I enter the bathroom
And open the tap wide
Drenched in sorrow
For the victims of drought
I bathe

Man Prasad Subba,
a teacher by profession from Bijanbari, Darjeeling, is a reputed contemporary poet. He is the recipient of many national and regional level awards. He has published numerous articles and has 11 books published on poetry. He has also translated into Nepali from Maithili, Hindi and English and from Nepali into English. His works have been translated into many Indian languages, including English. He has presented Indian Nepali poetry in several national and international meets and seminars.

Anmol Prasad, 
a designated senior advocate by High Court, is a multi talented person. He is a musician, poet, writer and a painter. He edited an English magazine, Flat file, for almost ten years. He has translated many Nepali poems and short stories into English. He is on the verge of completing a translation of a Nepali novel, Mauli, by Badri Narayan Pradhan into English.


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