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Contents: Gorkhaland (Issue 20)

Guest-Editorial: Gorkhaland/Rajendra Prasad Dhakal
Colonial Governmentality and the Nepali Nationalist Discourse/Bidhan Golay
Whither ‘labour’? Shortfalls of the ethnic discourse in Darjeeling/Miriam Wenner
Where are the people in Politics?/Rudra Sharma
Citizenship, Autonomy and Political Closure: Re-examining Accommodation of Diversity/Samir Sharma
Gorkhaland or the Sixth Schedule/Sandip C. Jain
Gorkhaland Movement: History, Flaws & Prospect/Vijay Thapa
Gorkhaland: Promises and the Promised Land…/Sandip C. Jain
Marginality in Contemporary Indian Nepali Writing/Man Prasad Subba
Two Poems/Madhusudan Lama
An Ordinariness of the Day/Indra Bahadur Rai
News of Drought/Man Prasad Subba
Documentary Film: Machis Ko Sinka/Radha Mohini Prasad


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