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Contents: The Everyday and Other Tagore (Issue 19)

Guest Editorial: The Everyday and Other Tagore/Bhaswati Ghosh
An Interview with Sahana Bajpaie/Sahana Bajpaie
Realising Tagore through Artist-Activist, Shyamali Khastagir/Manisha Banerjee
Tagore Utsav by Flying Birds of India/Aseem Asha Usman
Tagore’s Association with Jews/Navras Jaat Aafreedi
Four Poems/Goirick Brahmachari
An Indian in England/Ruma Chakravarty
Tagore, the liberal anti-national patriot/Raj Shekhar Sen
How to Draw Rabindranath/Sumana Roy
Excerpt from ‘Fall Winter Collections’/Koral Dasgupta
Relationships (Jogajog): Grandma and I/Sumallya Bandopadhyay
Recalling my Tagore on a rainy day/Shouvik Banerjee


For more stories, read Café Dissensus Everyday, the blog of Café Dissensus Magazine.

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