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Contents: Personal Journeys Toward Publication (Issue 18)

Guest Editorial: Redefining Success in the Rapidly Changing World/Lisa D. Ellis
My Journey toward Publication/Kimberly Bunker
Advice to Novelists: Never, Never, Never Give Up!/Kathy Brown Ramsperger
Writing for Your Soul/Tanushree Ghosh
Looking Away/Paige Bonnivier Hassall
Cannonballing Right Into the Deep End/Robert Dorn
Love What You Write and Do It With Purpose/Caren Begun
It’s Not Enough to Just Write a Great Story Anymore…/Kanchana Banerjee
Tough to Make it Financially—But Soul Satisfaction Counts!/Koshy A.V.
An Aspiring Writer in Wonderland/Santosh Bakaya
Keep Calm and Write/Namrata


For more stories, read Café Dissensus Everyday, the blog of Café Dissensus Magazine.

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