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Contents – Faiz Ahmed Faiz (Issue 14)

Guest Editorial/Pooja Garg Singh
This stained light, this night-bitten dawn/Ali Madeeh Hashmi
A conversation with Salima Hashmi/Saba Ahmad
A Conversation with Kanwaljit Singh/Akbar Qadri
A Conversation with Nirali Kartik/Arundhati Dighe
Faiz Ahmed Faiz—The defiance of an exile/Zafar Anjum
Faiz Ahmed Faiz and the Bangladesh Liberation War (1971)/Mosarrap H. Khan
Faiz: Fire And Silk – Bringing Faiz alive for the contemporary reader/Vinita Agarwal
And in such myriad ways your memories come to me/Bhupinder Singh
Chalo Bhi Aao Ki Gulshan Ka Karobaar Chale/Sunayana Kachroo
What Faiz could have written about AAP/Gorvika Rao
Speed/Anirudh Kala
Dawn of Freedom Across the Churning Padma/Saon Bhattacharya
Brass Bells/Rashida Murphy
Red is the colour of a poem/Goirick Brachmachari


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