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Contents – Short Story: Night (Issue 13)

Guest-Editorial: Night/Sumana Roy

Just Wait and Play the Game/Anubha Yadav

Night Song/Sucharita Dutta-Asane

A Night of His Own/Koushik Dutta

The Blue Room/Aparna Nandakumar

The watchman has lit the lantern/Subimal Misra

Anwar/Arundhati Ghosh

Our God for that Night/Anindita Das

Notes from the Parallel/Mrugank Indurkar

Fear and Loathing in Munirka/Abhimanyu Singh

Sentinels of the Night/Sunil Sharma

That one night in the life of Gopa/Gopa Nayak


For more stories, read Café Dissensus Everyday, the blog of Café Dissensus Magazine.

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