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Contents – The Indian Jewry (Issue 12)

Guest Editorial: The Indian Jewry/Navras Jaat Aafreedi
The Significance of Indo-Judaic Studies/Nathan Katz
The Sojourn of the Baghdadi Jews of India/Joan G. Roland
Malayalam Zionist Songs of the Kerala Jews: Inspiration from Indian Cinema and Political Music/Barbara C. Johnson
The Cochini Jewish Cuisine/Bala Menon
Researching the Heritage of the Bene Israel Community/Nissim Moses
The Bene Ephraim/Yulia Egorova and Shahid Perwez
The Benei-Menashe of North-East India/Myer Samra
Baghdadian and Bene Israel Jewish song in twentieth century Bombay: Repertoire, performance and interaction/Sara Manasseh
Indian Jewish Fiction in English/Anna Guttman
Contemporary Indian Jewish Literature in Hindi/Heinz Werner Wessler
India’s Synagogue Variety: Architecture, History, and Context/Jay A. Waronker
Bombay: Exploring the Urban Jewish Heritage/Saul Sapir
My Life as a Jew in India/Sophie Judah
Indian Jewish Narratives/Esther David
Photo-Essay: The Hidden Jews of Maharashtra/Shalva Weil
The Baghdadi Jews in India/Jael Silliman
Indian Jews in Cinema/Kenneth X. Robbins
Finding Home and the Dilemma of Belonging/Siona Benjamin


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  1. thanks Navras. A wealth of information. I will forward this to many friends.

    January 1, 2015
  2. Kenneth Robbins #

    Dear Navras
    It is an honor to work with you and be included with all these great scholars. Thank you.
    Ken Robbins

    January 2, 2015

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