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Contents – Teach For India: A ‘Movement’ to Uproot Inequality through Education (Issue 11)

Guest Editorial: Teach for India: A ‘Movement’ to Uproot Inequality through Education/Mary Ann Chacko

Global Questions, Local Answers/Daniel Friedrich

One day, an excellent education – Today, an excellent educator/Romana Shaikh

Second Language Acquisition: The TFI Model/Soorya Hariharan

Audacity of Hope: One day, all children will attain an excellent education/Padmini Copparapu

Teach for Who?/Joyeeta Dey

Building Leadership – One Smile at a Time/Pragya Bhagat

My journey from TFI to 3.2.1/Gaurav Singh

Education Reform and the Question of Social Justice: In conversation with Katie Pollom/Vivek Vellanki

An Interview with Aniket Thukral/Mary Ann Chacko

TFI Chronicles/Satwik Gade


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