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Contents – Death Penalty (Issue 5)

Guest Editorial

The Rarest of the Rare – Job Vacancy for A Hangman/Beheader – Any Takers? : Penology after Derrida/Anindya Sekhar Purakayastha


An Interview with Prof. Peggy Kamuf/Anindya Sekhar Purakayastha


No/Thomas B. Byers

An Endangered Clause: The Death Penalty in Zambia/Cheela Himutwe K Chilala

Revisiting the ‘Karachi Resolution’: The Genealogy of Reintroducing Capital Punishment in India/Sanchayita Paul Chakrabarty &Dhritiman Chakrabarty

Who is the Real Criminal? Questions after the Punishment/Bolan Gangapadhyay

Indian Judiciary and the Issue of Capital Punishment/Sujato Bhadra

From Homines Sacri to Homo Sacer: Punishing the Immanent Sinister Inside/Subhendra Bhowmick 

Death Penalty of the Witches and the Micro-physics of Power/Samita Manna & Soumyajit Patra 

Death, Life, and Law/Saitya Brata Das

Schizo-analyzing Death Sentences: Death, Territory, Capital/Saswat Samay Das 


Mariam/Bashabi Fraser

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