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Contents – Organizational Factionalism in Keralite Islam: Is Change Possible? (Issue 4)

Guest Editorial – On Factionalism and Keralite Islam: Raise questions, even if you do not find answers!/Mahmood Kooria


Social Base of Muslim Religious Organizations and Political Discourses/NP Ashley
Tilting at “factional” windmills: Towards a reorientation of priorities in Keralite Islam/Muneer Aram Kuzhiyan
When Sufis Challenge the Dictates of Keralite Islamic Organizations/Abdur Rahoof Ottathingal
Discursive Conflicts and intellectual debates: Identifying the traditional Muslim in Kerala/Muhammad Madappalli
Can you hear a girl weeping in the corner?/Savad Rahman
A Collective that Makes the Mind Greener/Mujeeburrahman Kinalur
Why Interactive/KC Saleem
We should not wait for them/Salim Ahamed
Educating to Lead: A Reflection/Shafeeq Hussain Vazhathodi
Will that Bird Sing Ever Again?/Shameer KS
A Litmus Test of Street-fighting Organizational Jamborees/Umar Nizar
An Eye on Facts and fables of Religious Factions/Abbas Panakkal
Coffee Inn: An Artistic Gathering beyond Limits/Abdul Haseeb

Audio-Visual Interviews

A Conversation with Prof. NA Karim/Anas S
A Conversation with Prof. AK Ramakrishnan/Anas S & Muhammad Kunhi
A Conversation with Dr. Auswaf Ahsan/Muhammad Kunhi & Abdul Basith T
A Conversation with Mr. Mujeeb Jaihoon

Photo Essays

Keralite Islam: Between Tradition and Modernity/MK Kasargod
Mosques and Shrines: Visible Spaces of Factionalist Debates/Niyas Hussain & M. Noushad
A Photo Essay on Keralite Islam/Ajeeb Komachi

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